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Minecraft Review: Plays and Looks Superb

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Minecraft is a release of the extremely popular sandbox video game. Now it is available on the go. This pocket edition is also multiplayer, where you will be involved in plenty of activities like building, fighting, surviving, communicating. Regardless of the format, the controls are very responsive.

Particular design

The design in this game consists of colorful LEGO bricks. It looks stylish and peculiar, being almost identical to its video variant. The world around is generated randomly, providing you with a lot of details that do matter within the gameplay. Though, we should say that the graphics here are not as smooth as within the PC edition.


If you have ever played the original version of the game, you can be a bit frustrated with restricted features. Though, you will still be suggested to take part in the Survival and Creative modes in addition to the Multiplayer. The gameplay is almost the same. Still, it is not as deep as the origin. Here you will navigate a character that will be occupied with plenty of tasks during the game. First, you will customize the avatar and start exploring the digital world with its surprises, dangers, and opportunities. You will not have many resources to feel confident, but there are enough of them around you. Please pick them up, mine and harvest, do your best to improve your life. In the Survival mode, you are expected to fight, raid, and defend your lands. You will jump into combats against the fearful skeletons tapping on the screen with excitement. The mobile release turns to be a kid-friendly due to rather powerful parental controls.


The title is addicting, and you will immerse yourself in it completely. Be ready to complete tons of missions, perform a lot of challenges, reveal the numerous secrets. You are suggested to try three modes and mini-games with additional puzzles to solve. You will never have a chance to make a pause and catch your breath. The title is rather complicated that is why it will take you some time to succeed. If you want to have more tasks, there are paid packs with skins and maps. Moreover, the game is under continuous development, coming with new updates and challenges.

Pocket Edition for everybody

If you need something to kill time or to have a nice relaxation when you are depressed, this game is the best solution. It will provide a perfect distraction. If you are a fan of Minecraft on the PC, you will like its mobile version.

Play it if you like Blockheads or Pixel Worlds.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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