"25 Years Gone" CD-Rom Cover

"25 Years Gone"
Led Zeppelin by Frank Melfi

This newly released CD-Rom represents 25 years of complete insanity by photographer Frank Melfi. "Why in God's name I ever took on this rock & roll nonsense is beyond me, but I did, so for better or worse, here it is, in all its pixelated glory. If you enjoy it half as much as I did doing it, you're going to have a blast!" - Frank Melfi

Featuring over 250 photos with musical accompanyment lasting over 40 minutes, this CD-Rom is a must have for all Zeppelin enthusiasts. The photos range from classic Zeppelin through Jimmy, Robert, and John Paul's solo careers. The price for this amazing sampling of classic photography is only $45.00 and comes with a full color cover in a "super jewel box" case. Link to the ordering page for more information.


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